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Welcome to Little Kete....

Hello, welcome to Little Kete. 

Little Kete was created out of my passions of healthy eating and gift giving. I know it might sound a strange combination, but I really wanted to create a gift that reminded the receiver - that looking after themselves through good nutrition is so important.

Little Kete is kind of like receiving a love letter of food.  Every hamper is filled with healthy and nourishing foods.  I want the receiver to really know that 'THEY ARE WORTH TAKING CARE OF'.

The products I have chosen, really draw on natures gifts of fruits, herbs, spices, grains, nuts and seeds. They are organic where possible, but also just great tasting whole foods.  In a nut shell - healthy, delicious & nourishing!

Each hamper comes beautifully wrapped in 100% Linen and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

I hope I can help you send Little Kete's to the special people in your life.