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Corporate Gifting

Christmas is the time of giving and we all love making the people that matter the most to you feel great!

I know from experience, being organised is really key to stopping the overwhelming, which is why at Little Kete we make it easy for business owners to acknowledge their loved ones, employees or customers.

Here at Little Kete, we have listen to so many people in your situation and understand how important it is to maintain those relationships and make your team or customers feel valued.  

That’s why we have created a simple process to ensure you don’t miss anyone off the gift list this Christmas!

Gift Options:

We can make a bespoke package just for you according to:

  • Your budget, or 
  • A particular mix of items you may prefer from our range

Or  you can choose from our pre-selected range at

Plus to ensure you create that extra special touch, we will include a short handwritten message or your own branded Christmas card.

By handing over your Christmas gifts to us, you can relax and get on with what you do best! 

We have also taken the time to source products that focus on supporting health and wellbeing and have a common vision of supporting sustainability.

So if you want to ensure your love ones are remembered; your team feel more motivated and engaged and those very important customers to your business - feel valued, then Little Kete would love to help you achieve this.

We look forward to bringing the spirit of Christmas back into your business in 2018.


Little Kete Corporate Gifts