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My story.....

Oh my goodness....I love good food! Food that is made with healthy, whole and nutritious ingredients.  No nasty stuff, just quality product and how nature intended.

Healthy eating, looking after yourself and your family is not weird but I know that sometimes it seems that everywhere you turn, there's something leading you astray.  It is certainly about finding the right balance, and for me its also about teaching my kids how to create healthy, delicious everyday food with nutrient-dense ingredients to fuel their little bodies.  

My other love is giving gifts to friends and family.  Thinking about what to give them, wrapping it and delivering it to them - gives me so much joy! 

That was it!  I decided to bring my two passions together  - the mindful act of giving with beautiful nourishing food!

Little Kete was born! 

A Kete is a basket, which is traditionally woven from the leaves of New Zealand flax plants. The baskets were often woven during gatherings of family & friends.  Nothing like a good chat with friends to connect.  Yes, my beautiful Kiwi heritage!

Every Little Kete will be filled with products which really draw on natures gifts of fruits, herbs, spices, grains, nuts and seeds. No more sending or receiving a hamper filled with foods loaded with refined sugar, ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, or the list is so long – it can’t be real food!  

We can’t forget the wrapping...... Every Little Kete will come beautifully wrapped in a 100% linen wrap, boxed and delivered to anywhere in Australia. 

I hope you enjoy giving or receiving your Little Kete, as much as I have putting it together!


Founder & Foodie Director